Board Members

John W. Shinkwin

Elected Board Member

John has served as a Firefighter in the Cambridge Fire Department since 1986.  He was first elected to the Cambridge Retirement Board in 2014.  His current term expires on July 31, 2020.

Francis E. Murphy, III

Elected Board Member - Chairman

Elected to the Board in 2010 by the Membership and Retirees.  His term expires in October 2019.  Frank is currently serving as a Deputy Fire Chief in the Cambridge Fire Department.  He has served in that capacity since 1991.  Additionally, Frank has an engineering degree from M.I.T.

James H. Monagle

Board Member Ex-Officio

Cambridge City Auditor since February 2001.

Michael P. Gardner

Board Member

Former Director of Personnel and Labor Relations. Appointed to the Board by the Cambridge City Manager in February 2001.


Nadia Chamblin-Foster

Board Member

Nadia currently is an External Relations/Marketing Leader in the health care industry.  She was appointed as the 5th Member on March 30, 2007 and her current term will expire in January 2018.