New Member Application - Download
Application for membership in the Cambridge Retirement System
Beneficiary Change Form - Download
Use this form to change your named beneficiary while you are still employed, to either receive a return of deductions, or to collect an Option D benefit.
Refund Application - Download
This form is used for members to request a withdrawal or rollover of their account after leaving employment with the City of Cambridge. Please review the instructions carefully prior to completing the form. You are always welcome to call or come to the office with any questions regarding this process.
Change of Address Form - Download
Application to purchase Military Service - Download
For veterans to purchase military time, not to exceed 4 years.


W4P Form - Download
Use this form to adjust your Federal Tax withholding
Superannuation Retirement Application - Download
Use this form to apply for a retirement benefit.
Option Selection Form - Download
Choice of option A, B or C, at retirement.
Beneficiary Change Form (Option B) - Download
Retirees who selected Option B should use this form to change the named beneficiary.


Member's Application for Disability Retirement - Link
Physician Statement Pertaining to a Member's Application for Disability Retirement - Link