Benefit Calculator

Special Notice: In an effort to better serve our members, we have redesigned the Member Information Portal.  Now, in addition to running an estimated calculation of your retirement allowance, you may also review your beneficiary selection, salary history, contact information, and forward any changes or corrections to us electronically. Click here to access the member benefit portal.

If you have any questions or concerns, or suggestions for improvements, please contact the Retirement Office.

The Retirement Office has various charts available to estimate your retirement percentage given your age and service time.  The charts are linked at the bottom of this page.  Be sure that you are using the correct chart for your group and membership date.

When using the chart, keep in mind that your retirement benefits depend on a number of factors, which are explained in more detail below:

  1. Age
  2. Length of Creditable Service
  3. Salary Level (Highest Consecutive Three Year Average)
  4. Group Classification


The Retirement System uses your age as of your last birthday to determine your benefit rate. This factor is measured in full years. If you are currently 55 years old, you will not receive rate of a 56-year old retiree until on or after your next birthday.

Length Of Creditable Service:

Creditable service is earned by all members employed on at least half-time basis and who contribute to the retirement system. Unlike your age, your creditable service is measured in months. An employee with 10 years and 6 months of creditable service will be at a higher benefit rate than an employee with 10 years of service, and at a lower rate than an employee with 11 years.

Part-Time Public Service

If you are employed on less than a full-time basis, you will earn an amount of service equal to a percentage of the full-time service rate. A worker employed on a half-time basis will receive 50% or 6 months service for each year completed.

Workers Compensation

Retirement deductions are not withheld from Workers' Compensation payments. However, employees who are injured on the job and collect Worker's Compensation payments for total disability (equal to 60% of your regular pay) will receive creditable service for the period during which they collect payments.

Military Service

Employees who are ordered to active duty will receive creditable service during their period of actual military service, to a maximum of four years, so long as they return to work within two years of discharge.
Active members may also purchase up to 4 years of creditable service for service in the military prior to employment with the City of Cambridge. If you are interested in this benefit, please contact the Retirement Office.

Make-up and Redeposits

If you worked for a City or Town, in a position that did not contribute to the local Retirement System, you may be eligible to buy back this service once you become a member of the system. If you were a member, but withdrew your account after leaving your position, you are eligible to redeposit this money in order to reestablish your former creditable service. For more information on this process, please contact the retirement office.

Salary Level:

To figure out your average annual rate of compensation, add your three highest consecutive years compensation and divide by three.

Group Classification:

Your group classification will determine the specifics of your benefit rate. Group classification is determined by state law, under M.G.L. Chapter 32 and not the employer or your agency. All questions regarding group classification should be directed to the retirement board office.

Group One Members
Consists of officials and general employees, including clerical administrative and technical workers, laborers, mechanics and all others not otherwise classified.

Group Two Members
Consists of employees with hazardous occupations such as licensed electricians, signal operators and emergency communications dispatchers.

Group Four Members
Consists of police officers and firefighters.

If you think your current job qualifies you for classification in a different group, please contact the Retirement Board.